eCube headstages come in three varieties: the fixed channel count HS-32 and HS-64, the modular, scalable HS-640, and the customizable wireless HS-W series. All support on-head amplification and digitization of neural signals from up to 640 electrodes, via a single ultra-flexible tether cable (or no tether at all!)

HS640 side angle with probes.png

e3Wireless Front.png
e3Wireless Bottom.png

Example wireless configurations above include full bandwidth on-head digital storage at 25kSps for 100% reliable recordings, 5~10 m range radio link for online monitoring, and a low noise floor of 2.0 µV rms, the same as our wired headstages. Longer recording times are possible with larger batteries, lower sampling rates, or fewer channels. Magnetic interconnects allow for rapid battery exchange.

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