Network Cameras

High definition networked video cameras with millisecond-precise synchronization.

Record simultaneously from any number of cameras, for multi-view 3D tracking of animal behavior, eye and head tracking, etc. Works seamlessly in daylight, low light and NIR lighting conditions. Compressed HD video streams can be recorded over the LAN and visualized remotely on any network-connected computer or phone.

Headstage Tester

Fits in the palm of your hand! Our low cost hs-tester is a precision arbitrary waveform generator that generates a variety of useful test signals for troubleshooting experiments. It enables rapid and automated testing of headstage functionality, channel gain and linearity, and input-referred noise measurement.


Ultra flexible, 1.1 ~ 1.6 mm O.D. headstage tether cables are available as regular cables or with our unique lightweight inline slip-ring commutator. Cable length made to order, up to 10 meters long, with or without magnets for easy plugging.

Electrode Interface Boards

We have a range of adaptors suitable for all common probe interconnects.  Custom probe adaptors upon request.

BNC Breakout Boxes

32 and 64 channel breakout boxes for easy interfacing with existing lab equipment.