Instructions for updating e3vision camera firmware

  1. Make sure cameras are not in active use (“stop write” and “disconnect streams” in the dashboard)

  2. Download the newest version of Watchtower software appropriate for your platform.

  3. Download the newest version of firmware e3v-firmware-signed.fw and put it inside the same directory/folder as the Watchtower executable e3v-watchtower(.exe).

  4. Open up Watchtower and go to the maintenance menu (expand System -> Maintenance)

  5. Check all cameras, click “Send Firmware”, and watch for “Firmware successfully transmitted.” in the console log before moving onto writing. This process should take 5-10 seconds.

  6. When transmit finishes, click the next “Write Firmware” button. Do not interrupt camera power at this time and wait for “Firmware flashing complete.” This process should take 40-60 seconds.

  7. When firmware flashing completes successfully, reboot using the “Reboot Camera” button or by disconnecting and reconnecting hub power. The first boot after new firmware should take 20-40 seconds until cameras are ready, depending on your network setup.

  8. Verify that the new firmware has been installed using the "Firmware Version" button.